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Different kinds of breads Birthday cake

There were challenges at first, like keeping the children out of the cookie jar or the fresh baked breads when they ran in from the school bus. But with persistence and the family’s support, Edith excelled, becoming a champion at the Wisconsin Baker’s Association for wedding cake decorating in 1975 and 1976.

A family affair

Edith and Don managed the business together until Don’s sudden death in 1996. The business became a life source for Edith, along with her family, to get through difficult times. Working the business together gave Edith, Marian, and Colleen time to learn each other’s skills, which proved to be pivotal to the success of the business today.


Edith was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. She still looked to her work as a means to keep her mind busy. Marian and Colleen would help Edith with her work while they worked alongside her, knowing how important it was for their mother to be involved. Edith had an incredible work ethic, which she taught to her family. Edith ended her battle with cancer on September 10th, 2003.


Colleen has learned to decorate well, sensing Edith’s support in spirit, while continuing to help Marian with catering and the restaurant. Edith’s Cakes & Catering is growing and doing well, with catering being the strongest part of the business.

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Overcoming challenges

With the goal of keeping the family together, Edith and Don worked with many other family members.

From memorable catering to wedding cakes and tasty lunches, we're your go-to spot for great food. We know how special your wedding day is, and the perfect wedding cake is just what every bride would want for her wedding. At Edith’s cakes and catering, we spare no effort to create the cake of your dreams and make the event a memorable affiar.





Decades of cooking, baking, and quality service

What could be more inviting than fresh baked breads, rolls, and cakes when you come home or walk around the corner at the local baker? Edith’s Cakes & Catering has been providing just that for decades, and we continue our long tradition of good, wholesome, home-cooked foods and baked goods today.


Edith Kast started her bakery in 1970 on her farm near Randolph. She was looking for a way to create a secondary income to support her growing family along with farming. With her talents, cooking and baking seemed the obvious route to go. Edith took basic lessons for cake decorating and then obtained a license to operate her own business.


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